Enrollment Schedule

During the Head Start program year, the teachers and students will follow the School Corporation’s calendar in which they reside.

For Head Start program participants, transportation will be provided by the School Corporation’s Transportation Departments.

For participants of the Head Start Community Child Care program, transportation is the responsibility of the parents.

To learn more about the enrollment process, visit our Enrollment page.

Head Start Enrollment Schedule
Head Start - the building blocks to your child's future

Head Start
the building blocks to your child’s future!


The Indiana WIC Approved Foods Card was updated this month and is available in three languages.

Don’t forget that grain products identified as whole grain on the WIC Approved Foods Card meet the CACFP whole grain requirements. In addition, cereals on the WIC Approved Foods Card meet the CACFP sugar requirements.

What to Expect

Your child will be in a learning environment that promotes language, literacy, mental, physical, social and emotional development. Head Start staff are trained to honor and support your role as your child’s most important teacher. Your Head Start program will encourage you and all parents to participate in their activities.

For full details, download the Parent Handbook (English) or (Spanish)

Head Start What to Expect